Donate Real Estate

With the high cost of land and homes in LaPorte County, property acquisition has always been the greatest challenge we face. Without land, we cannot build and if we cannot build, we cannot achieve our goal of eliminating poverty housing, and homelessness.

A charitable gift of land enables us to continue helping families in need and it provides you, the donor, with an opportunity for tax savings. A gift of land owned for more than one year entitles you to a charitable deduction for the full market value at the time the gift is made. Additionally, if the land has appreciated, you avoid a capital gains tax on the appreciation.

LaPorte County Habitat also welcomes offers from property owners seeking to sell a site at a substantial discount. The following are our criteria for land acquisition.

  • Property located in LaPorte County, Indiana
  • Manageable topographical issues (e.g., wetlands, slopes, trees)
  • The availability of public sewer, water, and utilities
  • Reasonable acquisition per unit costs. There may be some flexibility on price depending on the condition of the lot.
  • Close proximity to public transportation is preferable.
  • Minimal environmental concerns and costs of site remediation.