Board and Staff

As a Board, we are dedicated to all aspects of this organization and work together to provide direction to grow our affiliate.

We are engaged in refining policies and procedures, identifying best practices for operations, long-term strategic planning, and fundraising.

Board and Executive Committee

  • Edward Sebastian, President 2023
  • Tucker Blank, Vice President 2023
  • Jill Lange, Treasurer 2023
  • Susan May, Secretary 2020

Board Members:

  • Judge Nancy Gettinger, 2019
  • Tucker Blank, 2023
  • Brian Coleman, 2020
  • Karen Pavy, 2020
  • Judy Quigley, 2023
  • Susan May, 2023
  • Jill Brotan, 2023
  • Dan Nowaczyk, 2023
  • Jill Lange, 2023

We are actively seeking new board members to join La Porte County Habitat for Humanity. If you have a heart for community service, we invite you to join us in our mission to build affordable housing. Please contact Bill Roser, Executive Director